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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It is over??

Okay, this Christmas seemed so different this year? Not that that is a bad thing by any means... it was so much less stress. Maybe because the kids are older this year. I have a 13 and an 8 year old so now that we are onto our next stage of parenting, life is always so much easier. I just didn't expect Christmas to be a difference, but it was.

I have had extra time this week to work on more illustrations and am loving it. Check out more of my Alpha Animals in my Etsy store when you get a chance. I really love my little alligator. If you are from the 80's, you cannot possibly have an alligator without it being associated with pink and green!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Y is for Yak!

Okay, I had this grand goal of finishing my Alpha Grunge Animals before Dec 1. So, what happened? Seriously, who stole my time? I just posted my elephant and my fox just yesterday on my Etsy shop so that is 2 more down! I am going to focus so I can complete allll the letters. My daughter was teasing me tonight about the "hard" letters. Like Y. hmmmm, isn't a Yak what every alphabet book uses for the Y?? I really am not sure what a Yak even looks like. The 13 year old told me it was kind of like a buffalo. Well, I thought that sounded right.... what the heck does a Yak look like? My husband laughed his head off at us, well actually at me. Probably for listening to her. Was she just messing with me? Why can't I remember what a Yak looks like? And why do I keep capitalizing the Y in the word Yak? I am going to look up a Yak and see what is really looks like. Hmmmm, I will save that for another day. Maybe later... but I will look.... sometime soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Website is FINALLY updated

Check out my updated website at It took me a while to get going again with my website am I am so happy I finally finished what I started (a while ago!) ha! Check it out and bookmark it.

It's almost Christmas!

Wow, one holiday to the next. I can't believe Christmas is almost here. We scaled down our Christmas tree this year to a much smaller tree. Although the kids weren't too happy, I explained now it will look like you have TONS of presents! Don't think that will fly but that is the way it is. I would show you a picture but I don't think I could take any creative criticism! My art, maybe... my tree.. not. I like it even if no one else does:)

This is a picture I create last Christmas that was auctioned off for charity. I am sure I have posted it somewhere before but I just came across it on my computer and smiled. I used my little one as a model. Which is kind of funny because she should have little devil horns instead of wings! Ha. My little Hail Storm is what we use to call her. My kids are a HUGE inspiration for me. I will check in with them alot and ask what they think or let them art direct me sometimes. That is so fun because their little brains just think so creatively. It is funny how creativity is ageless. They might not have the same skills technically but their brains are so uninhibited and innocent that they have such an advantage over adults I think. Lucky kids... I want to be one again!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etsy illustrations

I have been adding quite a bit to my line of illustrations over the last few weeks to my Etsy shop. I am having some much fun and I am becoming somewhat obsessive! I have many more illustrations I need to list in my shop but just need to get to it. I have even been giving up more workouts because I just want to sit on the computer. Ok... I spend 95% of my day at work on the computer and have been spending many hours out of work on the computer. Seriously... what did I do before there were computers? That actually is why I like doing my line drawings and sketching by hand, because it isn't on the computer. A gals gotta have a break before carpal tunnel sets in!

I forgot to show you my fabric!

This was my halloween fabric I created from my line of animals. Aren't they cute? I had submitted this design on for a contest. I didn't win but I ordered a swatch of fabric. I am not sure what I am going to do wtih it. My sister suggested making a pillow. Hmmm, I don't really think I want a pillow with my little animals on it but I will think of something! It is too cute to not do something with it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here are some frames I worked on years ago. I love these frames. Not sure really what to do with them. I have about 15 or more.
****Update... I will be donating my frames to my daughter's girl scout Kids Only Sale. Our wonderful troop leader wants to raise enough money so each girl will have a complete Girl Scout uniform for next year. Considering I can't even (ok, I could... but time is short) sew on patches to her vest from last year, I am impressed! Sadly, last year her troop leader ended up sewing all her patches on for me. I think she felt sorry for my little one. Really, I am a good mom... I really am. I just have a hard time finding the spare time to sew patches on. Let alone figure out how to use the sewing machine I bought myself a few years ago. Although... I did sew her a cape. But that is another story for another blog!

*****Update #2. I ended up only giving half away! I keep going back to these silly frames the last few years and want to do more with them. So I STILL was generous, wasn't I? Or does that make me greedy by taking half back for myself. hmmmm. I will have to think about that one!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New print arrived!

I received my "fall time" print and am so excited! This was one of my first illustrations in this style so I want to frame it for my office. I am hoping to redesign my office this winter and will display it in my blog. But it may be a while before you see anything! Here it is framed. Isn't it cute!

Right now all I want to do is create, draw and design. If ONLY I won the lottery, i would have more time to fulfill my passions!! I am also working on finishing some picture frames that I actually started years ago and haven't known what to do with them until now! They were 95% done and then I moved on to something else because I really didn't know what to do with them.

I am having so much fun with I am so inspired by the talent and the creative energy of etsy's website. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Etsy Shop is Open!

Come check out my Etsy shop. What seemed like forever, I just finally said it is time to get this shop open. Whoooo hoo!!
Check it out at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boys and their Toys

I created this little guy because I think boys need more illustrative rights! It just seems so much easier to draw girly things. Just like shopping for baby girls... they get the cute outfits. The girls get the center stage. But something about little boys just steal my heart! I have two girls so don't get me wrong... I wouldn't trade them for the world. The completely steal my heart, over and over. But something about little toddler boys is just cute. Maybe it is before all the macho-ness comes out (and don't get me wrong about that either! ha). So, cheers to the boys. Here is my little boy playing with his toys!

Ballerina Girl

Okay, I have to admit I couldn't get the song "Ballerina Girl" by Loniel Richie (i know... i know...) out of my head after I titled this blog. I was even singing the song and my 8-year old said... "What the heck Mom!!". I just laughed and contiued to have flash backs to the 7th grade. Seems just like yesterday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let the games begin!

Where it all started...

This was my first series drawing for this collection. I am inspired by simplicity and really wanted to work freehand... it reminds me of more simple times, a bit old-fashion and innocent.

Airing my dirty laundry!

A fine spring day just airing out the laundry!

Welcome to Kim Siebold Studios!

Welcome to my studio! I am excited to show you my new line of illustrations. I welcome all comments to my posts. Thanks for taking a look at my work... I hope you enjoy my illustrations!