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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Y is for Yak!

Okay, I had this grand goal of finishing my Alpha Grunge Animals before Dec 1. So, what happened? Seriously, who stole my time? I just posted my elephant and my fox just yesterday on my Etsy shop so that is 2 more down! I am going to focus so I can complete allll the letters. My daughter was teasing me tonight about the "hard" letters. Like Y. hmmmm, isn't a Yak what every alphabet book uses for the Y?? I really am not sure what a Yak even looks like. The 13 year old told me it was kind of like a buffalo. Well, I thought that sounded right.... what the heck does a Yak look like? My husband laughed his head off at us, well actually at me. Probably for listening to her. Was she just messing with me? Why can't I remember what a Yak looks like? And why do I keep capitalizing the Y in the word Yak? I am going to look up a Yak and see what is really looks like. Hmmmm, I will save that for another day. Maybe later... but I will look.... sometime soon.

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