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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here are some frames I worked on years ago. I love these frames. Not sure really what to do with them. I have about 15 or more.
****Update... I will be donating my frames to my daughter's girl scout Kids Only Sale. Our wonderful troop leader wants to raise enough money so each girl will have a complete Girl Scout uniform for next year. Considering I can't even (ok, I could... but time is short) sew on patches to her vest from last year, I am impressed! Sadly, last year her troop leader ended up sewing all her patches on for me. I think she felt sorry for my little one. Really, I am a good mom... I really am. I just have a hard time finding the spare time to sew patches on. Let alone figure out how to use the sewing machine I bought myself a few years ago. Although... I did sew her a cape. But that is another story for another blog!

*****Update #2. I ended up only giving half away! I keep going back to these silly frames the last few years and want to do more with them. So I STILL was generous, wasn't I? Or does that make me greedy by taking half back for myself. hmmmm. I will have to think about that one!

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