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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Over the last few months, I have been having so much fun with exploring my illustration style and trying new things, exploring more photoshop and illustrator tricks and... what has made me most happy is going back to my pencil sketches. That has always been my true love and how i can most express myself on paper. I read somewhere to do what you love most. So that is what I did.... I went back to what I love most! Of course, I need to throw in a little photoshop and illustrator where necessary... Just to jazz it up a bit! My portfolio and esty shop don't show this so I will update those too. I have some exciting projects in the work that I just can't share yet but will asap.
I feel like life is like a candy store. There is just SO much to do, to be inspired by. Life is just sooooo exciting! Wish there were more hours in the day, more minutes in the hour!

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